Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Part 3 - Yellowstone

We just happened to be in Yellowstone during the hottest days they had this summer. We came prepared with jackets, etc. but totally melted instead.
(Ok, so these bears were actually at a really cool bear park in West Yellowstone, but so amazing and totally worth the extra stop!)

Trying to make an "awkward family photo" :)
Doesn't that backdrop look fake?

I think these photos look like a postcard, but we really took them!

The pots were so colorful (and stinky!)

The bison really showed us the love. Saw deer and elk too,
but sadly, no moose.

Jones & Clarke kids goofing off= got to love these awesome tour buses

A little stop in Rexburg for a college tour

Took a quick detour through Preston, ID to see Napoleon Dynamite sights!


Kari said...

I love Yellowstone! It looks like a beautiful, fun trip. I went to Yellowstone when I was your girls ages. I still have fond memories. Good family memories. Miss ya!